Chris – Home Buying Experience


 05 Agosto 2021 

Buying property in Costa Rica can be a painful process. There is the emotion of wanting that forever home, the allure of the beauty of nature combined with the long process of doing due diligence. I want to thank Jeff for being the agent we needed. Jeff was well-informed, educated when it came to knowing the local market and knowing the area we were looking to purchase. We tried to purchase four properties which did not make it through the process. Jeff reminded us not to be discouraged and to be positive as the process of due diligence was working to ensure we didn’t buy the wrong property. Today, the house closed. The deal is done. We closed the property in under 14 days and thanks to Jeff’s advice. He is professional and friendly. You don’t just buy a home, you gain a long term friend. Jeff has raised the bar in the real estate/home buying experience. Combine that with his recommended and trusted engineers, lawyers and associates, Jeff has truly made this journey one to be remembered. On behalf of my family and I, Gracias Mi Amigo. Pura Vida.

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