Costa Rica Real Estate News: Booming Market and Investment Opportunities


Costa Rica Real Estate News – The Costa Rican real estate market is on a significant upward trajectory, expected to reach an impressive value of US$326.90 billion in 2024. Among the various segments, residential real estate is set to dominate, with a projected market volume of US$251.50 billion in 2024. This sector is anticipated to grow at an annual rate of 2.47% from 2024 to 2028, reaching a market volume of US$360.40 billion by 2028.

In a global context, China leads the real estate market with an expected value of US$135.70 trillion by 2024, but Costa Rica stands out for its unique appeal to foreign investors. The country’s commitment to environmental conservation has made it a hotspot for those seeking sustainable and eco-friendly properties.

Investing in Costa Rica: Opportunities and Insights

Costa Rica has emerged as a leader in economic stability and environmental stewardship, attracting significant interest from investors in the real estate and luxury property markets. Insights from PROCOMER, and the World Bank highlight the country’s allure, supported by its strong economic track record, forward-thinking environmental policies, and high quality of life.

Economic Growth and Foreign Investment

Costa Rica’s economy has grown steadily over the past 25 years, driven by an outward-oriented strategy embracing foreign investment and trade liberalization. In 2023, the country reached a historic milestone in foreign direct investment (FDI), with inflows totaling $3.921 billion, a 24% increase from the previous year. This surge underscores Costa Rica’s attractiveness as a prime destination for international capital.

Sector-Wise Investment Breakdown

Investors in Costa Rica have shown confidence across a variety of sectors, with a notable emphasis on real estate transactions. The breakdown of FDI is as follows:

  • Manufacturing: 55%
  • Services: 25%
  • Real Estate: 7%
  • Tourism: 7%
  • Agriculture: 2%
  • Financial: 1%
  • Others: 3%

This diversified investment landscape highlights Costa Rica’s multifaceted appeal, with real estate and tourism emerging as key areas of interest, particularly for luxury investors.

Real Estate Market Dynamics

The Costa Rican real estate market, especially the luxury segment, presents substantial opportunities for investors. The stable economic growth, coupled with high levels of foreign direct investment, creates a robust environment for property investment. Regions like the Central Valley, Guanacaste, and the Pacific Coast are especially popular, offering a range of properties from beachfront villas to mountain retreats.

Environmental Stewardship and Quality of Life

Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental sustainability is globally recognized. The country has pioneered initiatives like the Payments for Environmental Services (PES) program, successfully reversing deforestation. This dedication to preserving natural beauty and biodiversity enhances property values and makes real estate investments more attractive.

Social Stability and Quality of Life

Political stability, a strong social contract, and consistent economic growth have contributed to Costa Rica having one of the lowest poverty rates in Latin America and the Caribbean. Despite global challenges such as the pandemic, the country’s poverty rates have declined to 12.7% in 2023, below pre-pandemic levels. This social stability, coupled with economic resilience, adds to the appeal for investors.

Future Outlook and Investment Potential

Looking ahead, Costa Rica’s economic growth is expected to remain strong, with forecasts of 3.9% in 2024, moderating slightly to 3.7% in the subsequent years. This stable growth trajectory, along with the country’s proactive environmental and social policies, positions Costa Rica as an ideal investment destination. However, investors should remain aware of potential challenges, including global economic fluctuations and climate vulnerabilities.


For those considering property investment in Costa Rica, the country offers a rare combination of natural beauty, economic opportunity, and a welcoming environment ideal for luxury living. As always, thorough research and consultation with local experts, are recommended to navigate this promising market successfully.

Investing in Costa Rica, you acquire a valuable asset and as well you also become part of a community that values sustainability, inclusivity, and progress.

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